Everett Rowing Boathouse
300 Smith Island Road, Everett, WA. 98205



The Everett Rowing Association Boathouse, dedicated in February of 1991, is the home of the Everett Rowing Association. The Association was founded in 1982 by a group led by Martin Beyer and Lynn Dykgraaf. Beyer and Dykgraaf inspired the community efforts in acquiring boats and, in June of 1984, a small boathouse. The club, now associated with the Everett Parks Department, hosted the United States Women’s Olympic Rowing Team in the summer of 1984. At the Los Angeles Olympiad, the women’s eight-oared shell won the Gold Medal after training on the flat water of the Snohomish River.

Dick and Irma Erickson brought their considerable experience in the sport of rowing to bear in the following years of growth. Dick Erickson (1936 – 2001), rowing coach of the University of Washington from 1968-87, brought needed equipment, valuable knowledge and unequalled inspiration to the association. Robert and Barbara Cummins were also instrumental in leading the association to the highest levels of competition. The Everett Rowing Association, still affiliated with the Everett Parks Department, has continued to grow and develop.

The Association supports all levels of rowing, from recreational to competitive. The Association fields a competitive Masters team in addition to the Junior rowing team. The Junior rowing team is comprised of high school student-athletes from Snohomish County. The Everett Rowing Association has not only brought national recognition to Everett, but has provided a valuable experience to the Everett community.

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